Maximize Your Real Estate Marketing By Creating An Effective Internet Presence

by | Dec 24, 2007 | Internet Marketing

internetmarketingEffective real estate marketing on the internet causes a real estate agent’s time to be used more productively. By making available real estate listings, as well as real estate market news and tools, a potential client can narrow down the home search online. Often real estate agents only take clients to see one to three homes before closing on a sale. The ratio of number of showings per closing lowers with internet marketing that uses a proven website design.

Traditional real estate marketing has relied on referrals, print and radio/TV advertising, post cards, and getting out and finding potential buyers and sellers. Real estate marketing trends have changed due to changes the way buyers and sellers get information. First cable TV eroded and fractured the traditional TV market. In car tape/CD players and increasingly satellite radio have knocked out a large portion of the radio audience. Radio and TV stations as well as newspapers have found that in order to stay current with information gathering trends they need an internet presence.

With the increased use of the Internet, beneficial real estate marketing ideas include a review of your traditional avenues, such business cards or print ads. These are better utilized by adding your real estate web site address to them. Before a sales lead calls you, they can visit your website to become better educated on the real estate process and view your available properties.

Referrals take on a new aspect in internet marketing. “Viral marketing” is a way to maximize your visibility on the net by utilizing your clients’ social networks. George Silverman in his book Secrets of Word Of Mouth Marketing points out that satisfied customers pass on your information about a product or service they like to three people on the average. With a web site, your happy clients aren’t limited to passing out your business card, but can recommend your site to anyone they know who is in the market. The viral aspect is that the referral traffic to your site generates better search engine standing thus driving more leads to your site.

The purpose of your marketing campaign is two-fold, to attract clients and weed-out the tire kickers. The content attracts the search engines that direct clients to your site and captures their interest. The quick contact registration process captures those leads for your follow-up and also serves as a deterrent to those who are not serious in their property search. Your website fulfills these two key purposes.


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