Lasso Your Real Estate Business Using Responsiveness

by | Jun 13, 2005 | Web Tips

Lasso Your Real Estate Business Using ResponsivenessLasso Your Real Estate Business Using Responsiveness: According to the National Association of Realtors, 46% of real estate agents have websites. But, listen to this! Fifty percent of all requests made on these beautiful websites designed for realtors are never even answered by the real estate agents nor their auto-responder website features.

Adding salt to the wound, studies show that 75% of Internet-savvy buyers and sellers expect agents to be computer savvy and responsive.

In order to stay up on the real-estate bucking bronco and to lasso a piece of the Internet real estate business, realtors must take the time to develop the creative website design based on friendly habits and thoughtful systems which are necessary to respond kindly and quickly to queries.

Most realtors do not really understand what a powerful marketing tool the Internet can be. The following statistics may shed some light to motivate realtors to improve:

  1. Internet consumers earn 24 percent more than average consumers.
  2. Internet shoppers spend 32 percent more money than average shoppers.
  3. Consumers who use the Internet to assist with a home purchase average only two weeks to find a home; others take seven weeks.
  4. And these same consumers look at a total of only seven homes versus the 15 it takes for the average homebuyer.

Overcoming Obstacles

When designing a website and helpful features for reaching out to Internet consumers, it may be helpful to do a little introspection or look at a bit of shopping psychology. For instance, watch your own psychology. Why do you go online searching for information? Usually, you are taking an action that is being driven by a desire or a goal somewhere in your conscious or even in your unconscious mind. And think how you feel when your phone calls are not returned or you receive no response to an inquiry.

Now, ponder a moment. What stands in the way of anyone achieving desired goals? Reasons, excuses, distractions, impatience and inconstancy are among the obstacles. It is wise to remember that to lasso those great leads, you and your website need to help people overcome their obstacles.

We agents do not want to be part of the obstacles! We do not want our lack of diplomacy or customer service skills to add to the obstacles. So, we must work hard on personal growth and develop ideas and ways to use modern technology to extend kindness to the people who contact us through our websites.

Improving Web Communications

And it is also important to look at how we communicate. The NAR research shows that 80% of agents use email for business. Yes, email in-boxes are sometimes like a treasure hunt. We may spend an inordinate amount of time sifting through the emails or go through too quickly, carelessly deleting unfamiliar senders.

Modern studies have determined that people return to people and places where they have favorable experiences. Now, if someone fills out a responder on your site asking about a 3/2 under $200,000 and you do not have one, how would you respond? Some agents just do not respond at all.

However, knowing that Internet customers are some of the most desirable, you may want to develop a relationship with this person, regardless of your inventory. If your goal is to give everyone a positive spin, how could you respond?

  • Thank you very much for your inquiry. Our company handles only luxury properties. However, I would like to introduce you to my colleague, Mary Sanders, who knows of several properties in this area that fit your description. Best wishes for a successful home search.
  • I will be out of the office during the week beginning July 17, 2006 and will respond to your request as soon as possible. I look forward to working with you.

Do you see the value of adding kindness? This person may have a friend that is looking for a luxury property. Your kindness and ability to touch the heart of the person behind the inquiry could bring you future referrals.


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