Colorado Mortgage Lender Website DesignAn effective website can sell mortgages and real estate in this economy, but real estate agents and mortgage lenders can also improve their market standing by using their websites to educate home buyers in several areas to help the buyers’ positioning in the mortgage process:

  • Get credit scores above 720 – give tips on how to clean up credit and position credit card debt to look the best,
  • Stay with their current job until the mortgage closes on the house – length of work and steadiness is now a larger part of the lending equation, and
  • Build a financial war chest in some way (“Mom I know I haven’t asked for money since I left college…”) – be prepared to put 5 – 10% down on the house.

Some experts are predicting that the current real estate market will not turn around until 2009. If the dollar continues its downward slide, it may be that new niche markets are created as the US economy gets boosted by petro dollars, Fire Ring currencies, euros and rubles invested in the real estate market, most likely luxury homes and commercial real estate. Real estate websites have a tremendous advantage over traditional advertising in that their market is international. Google searches in Tokyo for “[your town] real estate” may come right to your website.

Historically, Americans prove to be smart shoppers in the long term. As the saying goes, “Bad money chases out good money”, wealth flees from the falling greenback to financial solid ground, such as real estate. With the help of the Fed, second homes or vacation cabins are being viewed as a better long term investment than savings accounts.

All the turbulence in the market is a strong argument for a well designed real estate website or mortgage website that positions itself in the minds of the active local real estate market. Use all the available website tools to educate and make known your expertise and availability. As your 24/7 calling card, your website can make it easy to do business with you!

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