A Marketers Secrets To Creating Effective Real Estate Website Podcasts

by | Aug 3, 2009 | Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Website PodcastSimilar to radio shows, creating effective real estate website podcasts is more than creating a recording. Effective real estate website podcasts draws upon your judicious use of adjectives to describe real estate markets and the effect of changing economic news. Unlike videocasts, which have pictures and video to help illustrate your remarks, podcasts rely on your descriptive language to paint the whole picture and get your listener involved. Podcasts are one more Internet marketing tool to boost the visibility and helpfulness of your real estate website.

Podcasting mirrors the marketing principles found in writing for blogs, article managers and web pages. Start with as riveting and attention-getting a title as possible.

Many people may be downloading your podcast or getting it sent to them on an RSS feed so your title will be a large determinant as to whether they play your message now, later or never.

For the body, review your real estate scene and go with news; education; tips for selling, investing or buying; reviews of local attractions; or a commentary on the real estate economy. Don’t be afraid to be opinionated! People may love or hate what you say about the local economy and real estate market, just don’t be lukewarm and boring. With something out of the ordinary, listeners will tune in to see what you have to say. Best length? Stop before you start repeating yourself. If people can trust that every time they get your podcast that they will get a nugget of information and you won’t waste their time, they will check in more often.

Just as in real estate sales – ask for the sale! Create a closing that is both a call to action and a reinforcement of one of your real estate services. Any facet of real estate news can be creatively brought around to selling the sizzle on your services. For instance, this blog entry on podcasts is part of an overall online marketing campaign for real estate web designs by IMCD Web Design.

Whether you write out your podcast (and double its use as one of your real estate blog entries) or simply jot down your ideas in an outline form, do a dry run. For beginner podcasters, a little practice helps you get an idea on your timing and how many topics you can cover in 5, 10 or 15 minutes. If you find that using notes causes you to stumble or get distracted, simply go over it and then talk without notes as if you are talking directly to a customer. Remember to smile, people can hear the smile in your voice.

Subscribe to your own podcast so you hear what your real estate website visitors hear. Do you sound professional and focused on your message? With a little practice you will begin to sound like an old pro. For tutorials, listen to NPR radio shows to see how the news folks provide news and information with the descriptive language, knowing their audience can’t see the things on which they are reporting.

Once you get used to podcasting, you find more areas to use the technology in your real estate company. Training, company updates and recording important meetings for missing staff are just a few business areas made easier with podcasts.

For more help on your podcasting skills, stay tuned to Part 3, where IMC web developers bring home the technology needed to create your own podcast. If you need a boost in your real estate website’s visibility on the search engines, contact the IMC web design team to get your real estate website going by the website developers who know how to help you generate sales leads.

Part 2 of 3 – To be Continued…


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