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SEO & Web Design Glossary

An IFrame (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source, such as an advertisement, into a Web page.

@import rule
In Cascading Style Sheets, the ‘@import’ rule directs browsers to import style rules from external style sheets. Any @import rules must precede all rule sets in a style sheet. The ‘@import’ is followed by the URL or website address where the style sheet to stored.

IP – Internet Protocol
The standard or set of rules and encoding specifications for sending and routing data over the Internet. Usually stated with the Transmission Control Protocol as TCP/IP. Possibly the brainchild of Al Gore.

IP Address
A unique numbering system for identifying every computer on the Internet. An example of an IP address is

ISP – Internet Service Provider
A company whose servers are a node on the Internet and can provide their clients access to the Internet or a presence on the Internet with their website hosting services.

Image Map
An image map delineates areas of a graphic image that are hyper-linked to other pages within the website or to pages on other websites on the Internet. Some image maps have alt tags on the mapped areas, while others must have text links.

The amount of times a banner ad is viewed by website visitors.

Inbound Link
Links on other websites that point to your website. Inbound links from good websites help build a websites PageRank on Google and are factored in ranking the website.

Information Page
A static web page whose design and web content is usually targeted to a particular web visitor by the use of keywords. The page also is search engine optimized for high visibility on those keywords in a search engine’s results.

An index on the web is the search engines’ database where they store text and image content from all the web pages crawled by search engine spiders, the computers programmed to find and record web content..

Information Architecture
Information architecture a critical piece of web design relating to the organization how and where information is located website with the purpose of aiding website visitors quickly locate the website’s information. It also refers to how pages relate to each other within the website’s overall structure.

In web design, inheritance relates to the way Cascading Style Sheets set up a tree-like hierarchy within a web page and how the values are passed down to the “children” of an element in the web page. The “body” is higher in the page tree than a “paragraph”, the paragraph as a child element usually inherits the values assigned to the body. If the body sets up a rule of 14 pt fonts, the paragraphs will inherit that value, unless it is replaced by its own rule. When web designs don’t appear as designed, conflicts in inherited values is usually a good place to start the troubleshooting.

Interactive Design
A web page is interactive when it prompts an action from the web page’s visitor or the visitor interacts with the site in some way, such as by filling out a form, such as a guest book form on real estate web designs.

A worldwide data transferring network that connect computers all over the world through a backbone of web servers and high speed fiber optic telecommunication lines.

Internet Marketing
Utilizing the Internet with websites and e-mail to advertise and sell products or services. This also involves using web design and development techniques that leverage the search engine rankings to drive traffic and potential clients and customers to a business’s website.

Interstitial Ad
An interstitial ad is an Internet ad that pops up in a separate browser window, other than the target web page. Web browsers can be configured to block pop-up windows

Inverted Pyramid
With search engine indexing methods and short-attention span web visitors dictating the way web content is presented, the inverted pyramid writing style has developed. Inverse to the way normal articles are written, on web pages the conclusions are presented first followed by the key information and then the background is presented.

Iterative Design
Iterative web design and graphic design is a process where a web page, graphic image and a web site as a whole develop progressively in a repetitious cycle of create, tear down and build again. Iterative design is sometimes thought to mimic the Hindu yugas, extremely long time periods of creation, destruction and recreation, and sometimes iterative design feels just as long. Especially if engineers or lawyers are involved.


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