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North Carolina WebsiteWhen weighing real estate web design package alternatives, make sure you address all the areas of the website package and not make the mistake of measuring apples to oranges and buying on price alone.

A satisfactory web design investment will positively impact your online marketing, whereas one missing key features loses your marketing both time and potential financial return.

What are the areas to look for in a complete real estate web design package?

1. Are you clear on all the features of your package? All items in your website should be spelled out – there should be no grey areas or features verbally promised that fail to show up in the contract.

2. Know which areas are not optional in a successful real estate web design. Areas that are not optional are the graphic design, customized graphic images, search engine optimization (SEO) and complete website content. The biggest drawback inexpensive template real estate web designs have are using the SEO as a back-end profit center – an expensive option that newcomers  or Realtors attempting to maximize their return on investment are apt to forego. Putting up a real estate website without search engine optimization and honing the use of the keywords is akin to selling homes in a neighborhood that lacks street signs and home addresses. SEO is the science and art of creating and placing web content that tells the search engine what you do, what your market is, and where you are located.

3. Is all the content filled in when the website goes live? With inexpensive template sites, in a well-meaning effort to allow for the addition of needed content to the website, pages are included for specific information with the “Your info goes here” as the page filler. Too often, you find these websites with no keyword-rich content on those pages months and years after the website launched. Promising information and not providing is a fast way to lose online visitors and a waste of all the print marketing, search engine marketing and optimization you have done to get them to your real estate website.

With IMCD Web Designs, your have all the features of your website spelled out in our easy to follow real estate web design checklist and contract. We create foundational real estate web designs that include all the features needed for a successful website and, when your website goes live, all your content is presented in a , presaged by years of experience creating real estate websites the bring their owners a return on their online marketing investment. Review our Realtor website portfolio and contact our real estate web design staff about your move to better sale lead generation.

Florida Real Estate Website DesignFlorida Realtors with their large markets of out-of-state home buyers find that their real estate website – both in terms of search engine visibility and marketing positioning – becoming a more critical marketing element in their continuing business success.

The setback in Florida property values can be used in a real estate website marketing strategy tailored to attract American retirees who experienced depreciation in their retirement accounts and investments. Finding the keywords, adding the web content retirees are looking for, as well as maintaining an active real estate blog on current market conditions are critical steps to getting visible to an out-of-state market.

Four factors help contribute to shaping Florida’s current real estate market:

  1. Florida’s jobless rate is higher than the national average,
  2. More people moving out of the state for the first time in decades creating a greater buyers’ market,
  3. Midwestern and Northeastern retirees prefer moving to a warmer climate, and
  4. No state income tax.

With these factors in mind, refining keywords and search engine optimization to reach retiring Baby Boomers and the wealthy may well play a part of a successful online marketing campaign. Two of the biggest target states for the Florida wealth migration are New York and California. Tom Golisano, the Buffalo Sabres owner gave tax savings as his primary reason for his Florida home buying move.

Besides targeting out-of-state wealthy and retiree migrations, Florida real estate websites also are targeting the Hispanic migration moving from South and Central America. As the Hispanic population grows, bi-lingual real estate websites position themselves to reach the largest inward bound market – Miami alone draws over half of its foreign home buyers from Latin America. Along with bi-lingual real estate websites, Realtors are traveling major cities of South America to hold property investment seminars extolling the benefit of Florida’s home values and the weak dollar favoring South American currencies. Most Latin American investors are buying for the long-term – short-term speculation buying is not a part of the new buying wave.

IMCD’s search engine optimization, online Internet marketing and graphic design expertise have helped Florida Realtors position their real estate websites to hone in on Florida’s current market mix. Contact us if your real estate agency needs a real estate website that is effective in generating new sales leads.

real estate web designGranted, a real estate website is a key element of a real estate marketing campaign, however every Realtor knows building relationships is also key to finding new and referral homebuyers. Combining relationship building with your online presence is key to creating an effective real estate website.

For over a decade, IMCD has developed real estate websites the meet both needs – high search engine results and a platform for a natural “conversation” between the agent and their web visitors.

The architecture, search engine optimization and wealth of content start agents and brokers off on the right foot for establishing a visible web presence. A standard, customized “About Us” web page gives real estate agents the freedom to reinforce their personal brand. In addition, IMC has found that agents using optional “Meet Our Agents” web page, integrated blog or Article Manager have the most effective real estate websites. These brokers and agents have a greater capacity to easily add up-to-date content to their website that helps build relationships as well as improve their standing in search engine results.

In marketing their home buying and selling services, real estate agents face an apparent dichotomy in marketing: on the one hand, they need to constantly reinforce their personal brand, which in website terms would mean their name is a specific and personal keyword to their brand. On the other hand, the keywords for their market are impersonal and heavily used by their competition. In building a personal brand agents face the marketing situation that personal keywords are not heavily searched and impersonal keywords are highly used.

IMC’s Agent Select real estate websites effectively join search engine optimization for the impersonal, highly used keywords with the use of the “long tail” personal keywords so agents can establish and maintain a visible web presence along with marketing that reinforces their brand on every web page.

In a random sampling of real estate websites built by agents using simple real estate website templates, the common mistake agents make is putting most of their marketing emphasis on their name as the key selling point. If they are only looking for home buyers or sellers who have heard of them, this may be sufficient marketing strategy. However, as an online real estate marketing strategy to gain new customers, it is a recipe for a poor return on their web investment.

For your effective real estate website, contact the online marketing experts at IMC, we know your market and how to position your branding message online to reach that market!

Successful Real Estate WebsitesIronically, real estate marketing companies have found the last real estate agents to aggressively pursue Internet marketing of their services are the successful agents. Assuming the reasoning is why change something that is working successfully, the answer is there is a major sea change in the way home buyers and sellers use real estate websites to search the real estate market. The move can be seen as a move from paper to electronic media. Let’s look at how successful agents can parlay their past success into greater future success.

Post cards are a way to contact a large audience with color photos and interest generating news. One problem is there is no way of knowing whether the recipient even looked at the card unless they call you. Today agents can send out HTML emails that contain photos of new properties on the market as well as have the print in the color and font they want. A benefit of the email postcard is two-fold, you can set it to alert you to who is opening the email and you can include links within the email to pages on your website. Of course, the best link to have is to your home page, but you can also connect them directly to recent entries in your real estate blog or Article Manager.

Newspaper advertising, though still capturing most of real estate marketing dollars, is only used by less than 15% of home buyers. Real estate websites provide the same information as newspaper ads, only the information is offered to the other 85% of the home buyers and sellers actively searching the market.

Agents feel safe with newspaper advertising since they know their ad will be seen by all of the 15% of the market checking the real estate ads. In the competitive online marketplace, how can they make sure their real estate website is seen by the other 85% of their market? IMCD has years of experience using their search engine optimization, online marketing and graphic design expertise to place real estate agents and brokers on the first page of Google for their markets.

Phone calls are a great way to touch base and keep your market alive. By adding a real estate blog to your IMC website, real estate agents can parlay their conversational tone into weekly entries that can be sent to their client list by RSS feed. This keeps your clients aware of your services and knowledge as well as the current housing market. Beneficially also is that your blog entries notify all the main search engines of new content, helping your online visibility.

Contact IMC today to match your successful professional real estate career to one of our successful professional online real estate marketing web design. Your public is waiting.

Minneapolis Real Estate Web DesignIs your real estate website positioned for reaching the active home buying and investor market? IMCD  has found that even in this real estate economic downturn, real estate agents who have positioned their Internet marketing message to reach the foreclosure and distress sales market are staying active. What can you do to position your real estate website to capture foreclosure sales leads?

The first step that IMCD recommends for our real estate web design clients is to make use of our extended real estate agent Internet marketing package which includes a guest book – contact page. This content and marketing specific web page addresses the needs of home buyers and investors who are looking to benefit from the buying deals available. The contact form gives the real estate agent detailed information on the type of property the buyer is interested in purchasing.

The second step is to make sure your real estate website has a content management system, such as a real estate blog or article manager, that allows you or your agents to quickly and easily add informative content, news, and pictures. IMCD offers several content management systems that our real estate agent and broker clients have found fit their need to be able to easily add content to their websites. Several of our real estate website clients have seen that by adding a content management system that they use at least weekly, they have had great success appearing high in the search engine rankings.

Part of the overall Internet marketing plan to the active foreclosure market is to always position your real estate services from the position of the benefit clients receive. The feature of fast notification of new foreclosure listings benefits to your clients since they can get an early offer in on the property. People inherently like to hear about business offers from the point of view of how it benefits them.

Underlying all the market specific content is making sure you have a real estate web design from a web developer like IMC that has a track record of effective search engine optimization (SEO). Without effective SEO, your website does not have the competitive edge necessary to reach your online market.

Contact IMCD’s real estate web design sales team to see get your Internet marketing strategy fulfilled by one of the top web designers for the real estate market. Attract attention, capture leads and build your real estate business with IMCD.

Real Estate Agent Website DesignReal estate marketing is largely a self-promotion industry. Are you the quotable real estate expert in your town? With several steps, you can both increase your visibility and the visibility of your real estate website. Any real estate news is good news if you are an area real estate expert getting quoted in the papers on the TV or radio. Plan to be the expert by laying the foundation in your real estate website.

IMCD helps real estate agents implement an entire Internet marketing strategy of which the real estate website is the centerpiece. By adding a content management system such as a real estate blog and/or article manager to a real estate website, real estate agents have a ready platform to comment on area real estate news or give consumer education. The content management system sets up the foundation of an agent’s or broker’s expert insights.

As you create blog entries with plans to create press releases, you can quote yourself in your entries. Make sure your quotes can be lifted out as “sound bites” and stand on their own if used by news reporters using your blog as background information.

The second step, after creating a track record of several months of entries, is to create press releases. With the turbulence in the real estate and economic arenas, finding items to create news releases is at an all time high

The format for a press release is similar to creating a blog entry with two critical differences. The first area is at the top or the press release, add the release date and your contact information identifying yourself and your company and then list several contact points such as cell phone, email and your real estate website. Following the important lead-in information start with your riveting headline and entry. The first sentence of the press release should cut straight to the action so the reader knows why this release is newsworthy.

The second area is the last paragraph. This serves the same purpose (in an abridged format) as your About Us page. Include a short company or personal description highlighting your professional credits and years in the business as well as a link to your real estate website.

Finally end your release with three hash marks or number signs (###) centered on the page.

An additional step selling your services, just as in selling real estate, is to develop a relationship with the reporters at the newspapers and media outlets who cover the economy and real estate. Remember, Donald Trump didn’t garner his early press coverage by waiting for the newspapers to discover him.

Your real estate website can serve as your foundation to your proactive media campaign. Turn any national or regional news to your visibility advantage. Contact IMCD today to position your real estate website for maximum usage as your personal professional branding and media outlet.

A step up from creating real estate website marketing podcasts is to add video to your multimedia blogging. “Vodcasting” or “Vlogging” is web-speak for video posts or blogs that use simple digital video technology to create short online videos for their real estate website. Real estate agents can easily create short video presentations of a new property listing or a short video guides for potential clients who are buying or selling a home. These video-on-demand real estate productions add to the 24/7 information content of your Realtor website.

For educational purposes, vlogging is a way to reach the MTV generation and people who learn better by hearing than by reading. With a little practice, agents can learn to ignore the camera and just chat as if they were face to face with a client. A good vodcast contributes to building your “expert” standing in the viewers’ mind and you website’s credibility.

For marketing purposes, the ability to create short videos expands your marketing reach into highly visited sites like YouTube. By also posting your listings’ virtual home tour videos on YouTube with a links back to your real estate website, you both add an incoming link and promote your property to an audience with a proven affinity for video presentations.

IMCD Web Design offers real estate agents an easy-to-use blogging platform with the capacity to host vodcasts. By allowing real estate web visitors the ability to download a vodcast, they can view it later. The Featured Listings option allows real estate agents to promote their properties both with static photos, slide shows and video virtual tours.

In the Internet’s technology driven marketplace, vodcasts are a cutting edge tool for gaining a competitive advantage for your real estate website. Call IMC’s sale team about improving your real estate online marketing campaign with a real estate blog with vodcast capability. Meeting customers with the information that helps them narrow their property search benefits both real estate agents and their online clients.

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