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Email Tips

Email Tips
Formatting Text E-mail Newsletters for Online Distribution
For formatting my IMC Newsletters I use MS-Word. After you have written your newsletter, go to the "Save As" dialog box and choose the file type as "Text with Layout". While this will save the file with .ans extension, it is easily opened by my email software (Eudora Pro 2.1.2 or later). No matter whether the lines were center aligned, indented, full justified, or what, they come out exactly the same.

Email Tips
Effective Uses of Email for Realtors
Communicate easily with buyers and sellers. If you have buyers still looking for the right home, you can email them new listings without concern about time of day or whether they are at work or home. You send the email off and they pick it up at their convenience. You can even attach photos of properties.

To find out more about how we can "connect your business to the world", please contact us by using our online response form.

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